Colin McIntyre Hunter (uprightcitizen) wrote,
Colin McIntyre Hunter


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Ha! That's awesome!
Man, that takes me back to the days of DOS, BASIC programming, BBS systems and image-free role playing...
maybe this is common knowledge to everyone, but that text is from the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy rpg. i can remember playing it when i was probably 8 years old.
Hello, may I add you?
Please, feel free. Warning, I update rarely never.
Did you read MY LJ?


February 6 2009, 12:42:58 UTC 9 years ago

Ooor you could not advertise your *private* journal on your myspace!

I found you then was intrigued by your profile, and now I must conclude that you are fickle for inviting me in and then shutting me out!
Hello, I discovered your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up. Your weblog looks good. Have a good day.
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